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SDM3300 Synchro Double-sided Inkjet Printer

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SDM3300 Synchro Double-sided Inkjet Printer

Leading double-sided printing


                          SKYJET UV Single and Synchro Double-sided Inkjet Printer SDM3300

 Section 1:Introduction and core technology

Core technology

SKYJET synchronous double-sided printing technology is our core competitiveness, it is the unique synchronous double-sided printing technology in the world, it has gained National invention patent, and got the international patent PCT priority applications, so far, we have registered in Japan, South Korea, US, EU,etc. In 2009, our chairman Mr. Liang Jian is the inventor of synchronous double-sided printing technology, he was given “Invention Award” by Mr. Wan Guang, the minsiter of Science and Technology. In 2011, Mr. Liang Jian was interviewed by the column of “No. 1 digital printer in China” in “Infinite Creativity” in CCTV 10.

Section 2: Product background, functions


Sky Air-Ship started the development of “synchronous double-sided printing technology” since 2004, hoping thoroughly meet the customer demand that the colors of light box picture should be the same in day and night after lighting. We have developed 3 generations of double-sided printers in 10 years, the output is low and accuracy is low because of the limitation of solvent inkjet technology, they can only meet several customers’ demand. In 2013, Sky Air-Ship made a strategic plan to produce high-end printing equipment (in the past, the printer price range is between USD30,000-80,000, after the planniing, the price is more than USD300,000), and integrated all resources to develop the fourth generation double-sided inkjet printer , SKYJET SDM UV single & synchronous double-sided printer (referred to as SKYJET SDM printer), which was launched in March 2015. With the combination of single-sided and synchronous double-sided printing technology, SDM is the unique high-end multi-funtional UV roll to roll printer which is not similar with any other printer in large format advertising market in China, its technical index is comparable or even exceed imported printers.

 Printer functions

The innovation highlight of SDM printer is the combination of single-sided and synchronous double-sided printing, that is, one SDM printer is the combination of one synchronous double-sided printer and two single-sided high speed printer, it has three printing functions : backlit double-sided printing, mesh double-sided printing and dual independent single-sided printing, SDM can meet all kinds of printing requirements easily, it can maximize the customer’s profit.

Backlit double-sided printing: Two sets of carriages print the same or different images on both sides of banner

Mesh double-sided printing:Two sets of carriages print the same or different images on both sides of mesh when the platform rises.

Dual single-sided printing:Two set of carriages print different images on two pieces of banners separately, like two units of printers working individually.

Section 3 Product solutions

(1). Backlit double-sided printing:

The color in daytime and night is the same,especially fit for outdoor light box. For normal single-sided printing, the color is attenuated by 50% after lighting

Comparison of single & double-sided printing

  • Light insulation double-sided printing:

In this design, the effect of light box is different in daytime and night, it is much more impressive in the night, this technology can improve the light box performance to a great extent together with popular dynamic technology.


(3) Creative double-sided printing:

Realize changeable pictures in daytime and night, more eye-catching effect in the light box, enhance added value in the advertisement without increasing cost.


  • Spot color double-sided printing:

Replace film technology, realize true color in daytime and night. The cost is only 50%, easy operation, less labor cost, no juncture in the picture.Fit for light box in chain business organizations such as bank, supermarket,etc。


  • Mesh double-sided printing:

It is popular in sunshade curtains in business buildings,partitions in defenestrations, hanging flags in outdoor venue, only double-sided mesh printing technology can realize it.

  • Flag double-sided printing:

Replace low-efficiency and low alignment accuracy twice printing technology, meet the requirements of double-sided flag at airport, mall and stadium.

  • Dual single-sided printing:

1 unit Skyjet printer can realize doubled printing function, the front and back carriages can print different pictures at the same time like 2 units of printers, improve efficiency 100%, save labor cost, the colors in two carriages are the same.

Section 4:Customers validation

Since Skyjet SDM printer was launched on march of 2015, 22 units were installed in the past one or more years, including 17 units in Japan and 5 unites in domestic market and Taiwan. The proportion of overseas sales is 80%.

As No. 1 high-end distributor in Japan, Lukio chose Skyjet SDM printer with clear reasons: it has the real synchronous double-sided printing function which is unique in the world, the linear speed of 1.9 meter per second, capable of printing 50 meter under four-point text, etc. It is difficult to explore the Japanese market for any Chinese printer, Skyjet did it.

Fujifilm Japan and Shanghai Kangda are most representative customers with Skyjet SDM printers, they are leading brand companies in the industry, applying Skyjet double-sided printing technology to image printing for international top brand customers and airport media, and have earned a very good reputation, both of them are planning to purchase the second printer.

Section 5:  Investment Valuation

  • cost performance: as a multi-functional roll to roll printer, the investment of one SDM printer equals two single-sided printer and one synchronous double-sided printer, the investment cost is just 2.5 times of that of one single-sided printer, and saving a half floor space and a half labor cost.
  • rate of returns: the rate of return of SDM printer is much higher than efi, durst and other printers with similar price in terms of printing accuracy, speed and functions.
  • added value: Skyjet personalized double-sided printing function can significantly raise added value,which other roll to roll printers are unable to match.
  • low cost: SDM printer has low-cost advantage in terms of investment cost.


Printer Productivity of backlit printing lifespan Investment cost/sqm
Skyjet SDM printer 100,000 sqm annually 5 years USD0.8
Entry-level printer 20,000 sqm annually 3 years USD1


Section 6: Product introduction

(1) Performance advantages:

  • Double-sided printing: SDM3300 has 5 major technologies: backlit double-sided printing, Day&Night innovative double-sided printing, 3M spot color double-sided printing, Mesh doubl-side printing and flag banner double-sided printing, alignment accuracy can be 0.2-0.5mm.
  • Productivity: SDM3300 can print up to 52㎡/h under 6PASS +200% Mask mode, 130㎡/h under dual single-sided printing mode, which is a hard act to follow.
  • Low cost: the investment of a SDM3300 printer equals to an investment of three printers: two units of single-sided printer and 1 unit of double-sided printer, saving the cost of renting 2 units of printers and at least 1 operator, maintenance and competition cost are also greatly reduced.

(2) Printer Features:

  • Patented structure: S-shaped media moving + platform printing ensure 100% match of printing on both sides.
  • Tension control: Tension control system keeps the tension constant, special tension parameters for each printing material.
  • Constant temperature platform: high-precision water-cooling absorption platform ensures high quality continuous 50-meter printing of four-point text under the speed of 1.9 meter/s.
  • Suspended platform: Suspended platform realizes single & double-sided printing on mesh, prevents the platform contaminated by the ink.
  • Print heads adjustment: bidirectional print heads seats and adjustable print heads plate ensure the alignment accuracy of two-row print heads.
  • Intelligent absorption: frequency converter is used to adjust absorption according to different printing modes.
  • Auxiliary media loading: user-friendly auxiliary media-loading devices ensure changing double-sided printing materials in 5 minutes.
  • White ink self-cleaning: white ink self-cleaning can protect print head from blocking.
  • Monitoring: monitor back-carriage printing through the display in the front.
  • Curing system: imported from Integration Technology in UK, UV energy 5 levels available, different curing modes like immediately and delayed curing are available to realize different brightness.
  • Original computers: industrial-grade Dell computers are equipped to ensure stability.
  • Original ink bottle: change bottle when run out of ink, easy operation and avoid ink contamination and deposition.

(3) Control features:

  • H. Configuration: two-line KM1024i, 6 colors + 2 white, max 32 pieces of print heads
  • Color management: CALDERA GrandRip software from France, create ICC service.
  • Alignment: Alignment parameters on both X and Y direction are adjustable before or during printing to ensure alignment accuracy during long-time printing.
  • Multi-layer printing: A+W+B and A+W+K+W+B modes can be applied on transparent materials to print different images on both sides.
  • Image uniting: stitching and layout can be done after the images ripped by Caldera
  • Parameter preserving: the parameters for each printing material will be preserved for later use.
  • Curing control: the UV lamps will be turned off after standby 30 minutes, saving energy.
  • White ink circulation: automatic circulation every 30 minutes (adjustable), effectively avoid deposition of white ink in long-time rest.
  • Ink bottle monitoring: automatic alarm if the weight of ink bottle is lower than presets
  • Spare parts monitoring: record working time of spare parts such as UV lamps and ink pumps as a reference of replacement.
  • Printing statistics: automatically record and count printing data
  • Ink volume counting: display ink consumption and calculate printing cost.

(4) Specifications

Model SDM3300
Print width 3200mm
Media thickness Within 5 mm
          P.H. Type KM1024i-13pl
   P.H. Number Max. 32
Print modes Double-sided       Single-sided  Dual single-sided
Speed 3 pass+200% 75㎡ 92㎡ 184㎡
4 pass+200% 66㎡ 83㎡ 166㎡
6 pass+200% 52㎡ 65㎡ 130㎡
8 pass+200% 43㎡ 54㎡ 108㎡
Color C、M、Y、K、LC、LM、W
Ink Imported UV ink
RIP software CALDERA  GrandRip
Color control International standard ICC
UV curing system 170 UV lamp, 5 levels energy, curing modes (single lamp, two lamps, immediately, delayed)
Data interface High speed USB
Power supply Three phase 380V/13KW; 50/60HZ
Environment Temperature 20℃-28℃, indoor humidity 40%-60%
        Dimensions 6760×2630×2135(mm)
Net weight 7500KG 

(5) Core parts:

Reliable imported parts are adopted to ensure the running stability of the printer. Such as: Mitsubishi servomotor and PLC controller, Panasonic servomotor, Neugart reducer, Renishaw metal linear encoder, Igus high-speed noiseless energy chain and data cables, SMC solenoid valves and pneumatic components, SMC cooling-water machine, KNF negative pump and ink pump, Japanese ROKI filter, Omron power supply and sensor, Schneider switch, SAMSR stepping motor, original DELL computer.


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