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Skyjet TD1604E textile double side digital printing machine

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Skyjet TD1604E textile double side digital printing machine

Double side scarf · Digital batik ·Eco-friendly jeans ········· knit &woven fabric·········Double side apparel

【double side digital printing technology】

Digital printing has becoming the trend in the textile printing industry, but because of ink bad penetration, color difference between front and back, some technical defect is easy to happen when sewing. This question has to be solved urgently.

Technology character:

Traditional printing: Advantage: good penetration, little color difference, unconspicuous technical defect. Disadvantage: simple pattern, complicated process, high cost of small order and environmental protection.

Digital printing : Advantage: exquisite pattern, fast delivery, low cost of small order and environmental protection.

Disadvantage: bad penetration, color difference, obvious technical defect.

Is there any printing technology can combine the advantage of traditional printing with digital printing together?

Skyjet TD1604E combine synchro double side printing technology with digital printing, making the textile double side digital printing coming true in the world at first time. Pattern position accurate, completely solve the technical defect of the color difference on the front and back, in the meantime reach the eco-friendly production requirement of small order ,less stock, exquisite pattern and fast delivery.

Introduction of double side digital printing.

Skyjet synchro double side printing technology is a inventive patent in the world, it has been accredited by China, Japan,USA, etc. We have 12 years experience in the product development and production

Skyjet TD1604E adopt structure of roller printing, reach the double side requirement of light ,thin and soft fabric, such as silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, blending fabric. Supply kinds of printing technology ,such as“ same pattern same color, same pattern different color, different pattern different color ”,give more creative space to fabric designer and enrich the apparel effection. Now, we have finished the testing task with HangZhou Wensli, Erdos, ShanDong RuYi.

Fabric type: Silk, Cashmere, Wool, Cotton, Polyester, Blending fabric

Technology type: same pattern same color, two side no color difference. same pattern different color, contrast color on both side. Different pattern different color, double side fashion.

【Resolution of double side digital printing 】

Double side scarf: Middle and high level scarf is printed on the flatbed machine, however, high cost, pattern not exquisite and less professional technicians, all of these need us to find a way out. So, double side digital printer can not only meet all the requirement, but also make contrast color style, this will find a big opportunity for the personality scarf in the market.

Digital batik: Batik product has bright color and no color difference on two sides. And digital printing has not been used in this area. Low and fake batik production has been eliminated by the market, but personality handmade batik has always been highly regarded. Double side digital printing would find an opportunity in the batik copy and batik fashion market.

Eco-friendly jeans: traditional jeans use special washes and distressing methods to make old effection, but sewage discharge has been restricted since environment protection. Double side technology make the front wash or printing effect, and yarn dyed effect on the back , this can make jeans more fashion and high level.


Knit&Woven fabric: Because of the silk and polyester yarn is easy to come out when sewing, especially for the deep color. Double side digital printing dyed thoroughly, need not worry the defective goods in the production.


Double side apparel: Different pattern and different color technology of double side digital printing provide more creative space for the designer, including double faced wool, double faced

jacket, kids garment and double side shirt, etc.


【Technical Index】

  • High precision printing:4 pcs generation 5 P.H, double 4 color or 8 color, printing accuracy 1440 DPI
  • Fabric type: silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, polyester, blending fabric, etc.
  • Fabric thickness:≤13mm,adjust the printhead height base on the exact fabric.
  • Patent structure:roll to roll printing structure make the position 100% accurate.

Aligment: adjusting the front printing dimension base on the condition of the back shrinkage.

  • Synchronize transfer: two host data transfer, insure printing long time steady.
  • Printing roller cleaning: slef-cleaning device, insure cleanout the ink permeate on the roller in time.
  • Printhead Maintain: Totally enclosed moisturizing, negative suction device, insure long working time for printhead.
  • Tension device: suit tension device angle base to different textile feature.
  • Take up/feed cloth: Tension control system sync with printing roller, insure the tension constant.
  • Ink volume adjusting: ink volume can be individually adjusted both front and back.
  • Feather model: eliminate the printing line when spot color printing
  • Observe window: observe printing position and printing status from the lamp box and window

【Technical parameter】

Model TD1600
P.H type DX5 4 P.H 4 color DX5 4 P.H 8 color

Print speed

720×720 32㎡/ h 360×720 32㎡/ h
720×1080 22㎡/ h 360×1080 22㎡/ h
720×1440 16㎡/ h 360×1440 16㎡/ h
Cloth thickness 13mm
Printing width 1600mm
Printing Length 50m
Ink type reactive dye ink、diperse dye ink、acid dye ink、Paint dye ink
RIPsoftware Caldera or user defined
P.H maintaining automatic cleaning、seal head and maintain device
Working environment Temperature 20-28℃,humidity 40-70%
Power supply 380V,50/60Hz,13KW(equipment 6500KW,drying 6500KW)
Dimension 3814mm×2017mm×1873mm
Net weight 2200kg



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    Mi name is Silvia and I tied calling from the US but I think because of the time different I never get anyone.
    My company, Holland and Sherry is looking into purchasing textile printing machines to print on 100% wool suiting fabrics. Can we send you fabric and a digital design so you can run a trial?
    Could you please have someone call me as soon as possible.
    my number is 01 410 413 7003 ext 5107


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      Dear silvia,

      We replied you, do you get us reply for our textile printer situaiton?

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