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Industry background:

With the increasingly fierce competition of UV printing market, what type of UV printer do the customers need exactly? When we review the development of printing market, no matter solvent printer or photo printer, there are star products which have their brilliant period, and classic products which are unpretentious and enduring.Obviously SKYJET UV roll printer FTR3300 comes late, we hope to make it a conscience product which deserves heritage in the printing industry.

What is a conscience product? It is with noble quality and affordable price, that is the true meaning of Skyjet products.


Product background:

It has the same technical platform with SKYJET UV single and synchro double-sided inkjet printer SDM3300, such as: the same control system, electric system, ink supply system and tension media-moving system; the same platform, beam and carriages; the same interchangeable imported standard parts and high accuracy machined parts;the same assembly and commissioning technology and inspection standard. Therefore, SKYJET UV roll printer FTR3300 comes of noble quality,demonstrates luxury in its low-key way.


Eight Features:

Heavy duty Frame Structure  /  Water-cooling absorption platform /

Mobile elevating suspended platform / Tension media-moving structure / Imported standard parts/

Twice double-sided printing  /  PLC central control module / Big data management platform



Quality assurance:

Imported standard parts ensure the stability of the printer and long service life.

  • drive and printing system: Mitsubishi servomotor, Panasonic servomotor, Neugart reducer, Renishow linear encoder,IGUS high-speed energy chain and data cable,etc.
  • ink and pneumatic systems: KNF negative pressure pump, KNF ink pump, Japanese ROKI filter, SMC solenoid valve, SMC pneumatic components,etc.
  • electric and control system: Mitsubishi PLC, Omron power supply and sensor,Schneider switch,SAMSR stepping motor, IGUS data cable, DELL original computer,etc.


Printer advantages:

(1) Heavy duty frame structure: heavy duty frame and beam structure support carriage moving at speed of 1900mm/S, 3PASS printing speed up to 92 m2/h.

(2) Water-cooling platform: Constant temperature water-cooling absorption platform ensures high accuracy printing of four-point text during 50 meter consistent printing.

(3) Suspended platform: Mobile elevating suspended platform can easily realize double-sided printing on mesh.

(4) media-moving with tension: comparing with four-roll clamping system, media-moving tension system can prevent media from folding, avoid scratching print heads, ensure safety production.

(5) Printing carriage alignment: The design of 4 point positioning adjustable print head plate and bidirectional adjustable print head seat ensure high accuracy of installation and adjustment of double-row print heads.

(6) White ink cleaning: Auto-cleaning function of white ink system can avoid blocking white print heads by ink sediment when the printer is not printing white color.



Control advantages:

(1) P.H.configuration: Double-row KM1024i*16 configuration, supporting correction of print heads color difference and voltages.

(2) Twice double-sided printing: To correct image alignment in real time during printing, the accumulative error can be controlled within +-1mm.

(3) Print mode: A+A、A+B、A+W+K+W+B multi-layer printing, highlight and matte printing functions.

(4) Image uniting: stitching and layout can be done after the images ripped by Caldera.

(5) Parameter preserving: the parameters for each printing material will be preserved automatically for later use.

(6) Color management: Caldera GrandRip software from France, ICC correction service.

(7) White ink circulation: Automatic circulation and control of white ink. 30 minutes each time (adjustable)

(8) Big data management: intelligentized big data statistics provides service for business owners, it can automatically record information of printing operation, printing images and printing errors, and calculate printing output and ink consumption.

(9) PLC control: PLC central control module realizes user friendly operation. Such as: carriage height detection and mobile elevating, platform absorption and variable frequency control, UV lamp switch control, UV lamp and ink pump lifetime management, ink consumption calculation, printing log and malfunction record, UV light and ink pump lifetime management,media end detection alarm, ink bottle weighting management, ink tank heating,etc, customizable development.



Applicable media:

Soft film, Light film, PVC,Mesh, Fabrics and so on.
Technical data:

Model FTR3300
Print width 3200mm
Media thickness Adjustable within 5 mm
P.H. Type KM1024i-13pl
P.H. Number Maximum 16 pieces
Print mode Single printing, twice double-sided printing, double-volume ink printing, multilayer printing.
   Speed 3 pass+50% 100m2
4 pass+50% 83m2
6 pass+50% 58m2
8 pass+50% 45m2
Colors C、M、Y、K、LC、LM、W
Ink type  Original imported UV ink
RIP software CALDERA  GrandRip
Color management International standard ICC
UV curing system 170 curing UV lamp with 5 levels;

Curing type(single、double、immediately、delay)

Data interface Optical Fiber /USB3.0
Power supply 3-phase 380V/11KW;50/60HZ
Operation Environment Temperature 20℃-28℃,humidity 40%-60%
Dimensions (L*W*H) 6800×1550×1630(mm)
Net weight 3900KG


Over-value service

2-year warranty: Butler service is provided to all customers around the world from installation to professional training, from printing support to timely checking, from color management to printing research. SKYJET will constantly optimize the product design and provide better service than other printer manufacturers.


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